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The Logo Slide

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The logo slide; everybody has one. You know the slide, twenty or thirty logos from companies who have bought something from you sometime in the deep and distant past.  Does it really have any value?  Well, it depends.

It depends on the presenter knowing what goods or services were provided to the logo companies. If he or she doesn’t, it immediately undermines the credibility of the presenter and your company.  As the logo slide is generally early in a presentation, it does not make for a good start. 

It also depends if the logo company can be referenced.  This situation is a potential time bomb waiting to go off.  From personal experience I can tell you that in many vertical markets there is a good chance that somebody in your audience will have a personal relationship with somebody in one of the logo companies on your slide.  There is also a good chance that, without your knowledge, a phone call will placed to check out your company and your solution. If the company is not willing to be a reference, or even worse, not currently using your solution (yes, it happens), don’t use their logo.

And finally, it depends on the presenter having a story to tell about some of the logos.  Is it better to have thirty logos flash up on the screen or to tell a story about a couple of customers who use the same products or services as you are proposing to the prospect?  I think you know the answer.  It takes more work to prepare, but it has far more impact.

So, are you still going to use that logo slide?  There are some ways to leverage you existing customers in you presentations without the logo slide.  Join me on our next course to find out more.


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