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Recently, I was giving a joint presentation with somebody who I had presented with in the past.  We had worked well together and the previous presentation had worked just fine.  When I suggested we might want to discuss the upcoming presentation, the answer horrified me.  My co-presenter said "I know the product and I know the audience so I don't really need to prepare".  We gave the presentation and it went well.  So what is the moral of the story?

There is a small group of people who can get away speaking without preparation; I am not one of them.  Most of us can get away "winging-it" once in a while.  But when you think about it, not preparing is a risky strategy and disrespectful to your audience.  Whether you are selling an idea or a product, don't you want your presentation to have the greatest impact possible?

In the corporate world we often end up giving the same presentation to several different audiences.   The Marketing department gave us the standard company pitch, we learned it and deliver it on auto-pilot.  If you are going to deliver it the same way every time, just send your audience a video of your presentation because you really not adding value.   If you are going to deliver a presentation that solves the specific problem that your audience has, then take the time to tailor the presentation to the audience you are speaking to.  



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