Presentation Sense for Marketing - 1 day

This unique course is for marketing, product marketing and product management personnel who prepare, manage and deliver the PowerPoint slide decks that are used in sales presentations and at customer events such as user conferences. 

Participants will learn important skills that will empower them to build and deliver compelling presentations that connect with your audience and close business.  Key learning points include:

  • Thinking Differently - How to engage your audience from the very beginning including how to create a Power Opening.
  • Creating Emotion - How to make your audience believe that you are the business partner they need.

  • Creating Objectives - How to design objectives that meet both the prospects and your requirements, and that move the sales process forward.

  • Understanding Your Audience - How different people react to different presentation techniques and how you should respond.

  • Presenting Evidence - How to use evidence to support your proposition.
  • Acquiring a "Designers Eye" -  Understand how a handful of easily learned graphic techniques can transform your PowerPoint slides into valuable props that helps the audience to remember your key points.
  • Great Delivery - Learn the tricks professional presenters use to connect with the audience and keep their attention.

  • Managing Change - How to take the skills you have learned back to your company and create a new presentation culture.

This course is currently offered as an in-company course.  Call (404) 242-3041 for more information.

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